All about sushi
The traditional training of a sushi master will take at least seven years. Sushi was already mentioned in the literature in the 9th century, at the time of the emperor from Heiyanko, today’s Kyoto. At that time, sushi was only a preservation technique, curing of fish and shellfish to develop a pleasantly tart taste.
Discovered by chance in the 18th century, adding vinegar to rice with fish complement and enhanced the taste - the very idea of sushi, as we know it today was born. The regional developments in the past and today are the techniques for preparing sushi.

Nigiri Sushi are small, with a hand-shaped rice canapés, topped with freshly cooked, marinated raw fish or various seafood. To enhance the taste, the sushi is lightly topped with green horseradish (wasabi).

Chirashi Sushi consists of sliced fillets of raw, cooked, marinated fish or seafood, served on a bowl of sushi rice, with pickled vegetables and mixed with ginger juice.

Maki Sushi are sushi rolls. Rolled with sushi rice, sheets of dried seaweed and with fish, seafood or vegetables inside. This sushi was specifically designed for Japanese gamers, because they are comfortable with eat with one hand. California Roll was an invention from the United States.

Temaki Sushi Hand-roll sushi cone. Seaweed rolled into a cone-shape, filled with sushi rice, fish, seafood and vegetables.

Sashimi is a culinary phenomenon. Raw or marinated fish, is prepared so that the flavor is developed. When it was first introduced to Europeans, they found the fish fishy, however, only the best parts of the fish can be used. It is chilled or served on ice.